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About Me

I would be honored to craft beauty and art alongside you, and for you!

Malgorzata Hajler

Short name, Gosia


"I hail from Poland, where I earned my degree in Art Photography from an esteemed Art School. Over the span of more than a decade, I honed my craft working with model agencies and magazines in the vibrant city of Warsaw. Photography is not just my profession; it's my enduring passion. It serves as a bridge, connecting me with individuals who share an appreciation for art and beauty, much like myself.

Becoming a photographer has granted me a fresh perspective on the tapestry of everyday life. I find joy in linking people to their past, evoking memories of individuals, places, emotions, and narratives.

Having lived and worked both in Europe and the United States, I've broadened my awareness and gained invaluable experience collaborating with diverse groups of people—an essential element in today's dynamic workplaces.

My specialization lies in portrait, fashion, and family photography. However, my true enthusiasm lies in capturing the essence of individuals through portraits. I'm here not just to capture moments but to guide and assist you in selecting the perfect wall art photographs that resonate with your home, infusing it with meaningful memories."

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