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About Me

I would be honored to create the beauty and art with you, and for you!

Malgorzata Hajler

Short name, Gosia


I'm originally from Poland, where I graduated from Art School as an Art Photographer and where I've worked for over 10 years with model agencies and magazines in Warsaw. 

Photography has always been my passion. For me it is a way to connect with people who appreciate art and beauty, like I do. Becoming a photographer gave me a new perspective on everyday life. I enjoy connecting people with their past, remind them of people, places, feelings, and stories. I want to mention that living and working both in Europe and here in United States has broadened my awareness and provided me with experience in working with diverse groups of people, a necessary ingredient in today's workplace. I specialize in portrait, fashion, family photography. But I'm particularly passionate about portraits, and I'm here to advise, and help you choose the right wall art photographs for your home.

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